AMBROS Pharma, Ltd is an Italian company with tradition and experience in the introduction of new nutraceuticals and functional foods.


AMBROS is specialized in research, development and preparation of Food supplements, Functional foods and Health-food products


Our mission is to introduce and keep in the nutritional field the high standards of research, development and production typical for the pharmaceuticals.


applying new tools and high-tech processing ambros  ideates, develops and prepares:


New products containing innovative ingredients of natural origin



we  closely track:

  • All new trends in the field
we carry out:
  • A reference search and critical evaluation of the literature worldwide

  • The qualitative evaluation of all ingredients utilized in our products

  • The formulation completely

we trust:

  • That the quality and the pharmacodynamic properties of the components, together with the high-tech modern production tools are crucial for the excellence of our products

  • That any product must consider the circadian metabolic requirements of the organism

we rely:

  • On scientific evidence derived from laboratory and clinical research to prove the efficiency and the activity of our products

we pursue:

  • High standards according to the complex health requirements of the new millennium